Kiawah Island's brackish and freshwater ponds, creeks, and rivers are home to a wide variety of fish species.  Fishing is a popular pastime on the island, with red drum, flounder, spotted sea trout, and largemouth bass being the most sought after species.  For additional details on some of our more prominent species, please click on the pictures below. 
Fish and Marine Life
Fish and Marine Life
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Send us your fishing pictures from Kiawah Island and we will post a select few on the website.  Be sure to let us know the date and location of the catch and any other pertinent details.  Good luck fishing!
Kiawah Island Fishing Report
Spring/Summer 2014
The war,er months can provide very good fishing action, especially early and late in the day.  Flounder fishing really heats up during the summer and a mud minnow or finger mullet slowly dragged along the bottom is sure to pick up a few flounder.  Spotted sea trout are best targeted during early morning or late evening using paddle-tail grubs, D.O.A. shrimp, and live bait.  Red drum are also readily available this time of year, both on the grass flats at high tide and around docks and other structure at low tide.  Mud minnows, cut bait, and quartered blue crabs are the best baits to try.  Good luck fishing and let us know how you do. 
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